Safe Quality Food (SQF) Consulting Services


Alchemy offers assistance through all stages of SQF audit preparation and certification. Our customizable, four-phase approach provides a systematic process for achieving SQF certification. Phases can be done separately or together, depending on your needs.

Benefits of Alchemy’s SQF Consulting Services


Alchemy has certified consultants in multiple food sector categories with a proven track record for successful GFSI scheme systems certification. This process saves internal management time, assures accuracy, and completes the process on schedule.


Phase 1 – Gap Analysis


  • Assessment of current programs and facility conditions compared to SQF code requirements
  • Completion of reports to summarize compliance, actions required and strategy to achieve SQF certification


Phase 2 – Program Development


  • Documentation of the SQF Policy Manual with customized procedures for each SQF requirement
  • Creation of records needed to support the SQF system
  • Creation of the Required Registers for Document Control, Raw and Packaging Material Specifications, Finished Product Specifications, Contract Services Register, Glass Register, Training Register, and Approved Supplier Register
  • If Level 3 certification is desired, the required Food Quality Plan and other required procedures can be created


Phase 3 – Implementation Review


  • Assure proper implementation of all required programs and records
  • Complete coaching with each Departmental Manager to prepare them for expected audit questions and appropriate responses
  • Complete the SQF System Internal Audit
  • Facilitate the prerequisite program Verification/Validation processes
  • Develop Recommended Audit Strategy Checklist


Phase 4 – Audit Support


  • Alchemy can be on site during the Document and Facility Certification Audits to provide support and assistance during the audits.
  • This phase is very beneficial for clients to serve as a liaison with the auditor, keep the audit process balanced, and reduce the quantity and severity of potential non-conformances identified.
  • This process reduces the chances of being subject to surveillance audits twice a year.

Already certified?

Alchemy Professional Services can help you with:

Recertification Audit Preparation and Audit Support

Alchemy can help assure you’re prepared for recertification through effective facilitation of your Internal Audit processes, Management Reviews, Verification / Validation Processes and Plant Readiness Assessment. Alchemy can also provide coaching to assure your front-line workforce is ready for audit interviews. Alchemy can also be present during your recertification audit to serve as a liaison between your company and the auditor.

SQF System Continuous Improvement

Section of the SQF Code Edition 7.2 requires “The senior management shall establish processes to improve the effectiveness of the SQF System to demonstrate continuous improvement.”

Alchemy can help assure you have identified the proper metrics for your food safety and quality management system to measure effectiveness and demonstrate continuous improvements. This is a prime opportunity to assure your system protects your business and provides a return on investment.

Transitioning from Level 2 to Level 3 Certification

Alchemy can facilitate the development of the required Food Quality Plan and other required procedures for Level 3 certification.



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