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Discover the impact of Alchemy's courseware for your workforce.

Boost Safety, Quality, and Operations

Ensure your employees understand, retain, and apply training. Alchemy's award-winning and highly interactive courses are designed specifically for the food industry. Our comprehensive library of short courses is also customizable to easily insert site-specific content.


Make Training Stick with
Proven Learning Methods


Interactive Lessons that Foster Engagement

Traditional, one-way training methods are passive — and passe. Today's workforce learns better with "active learning." Alchemy courses use gamification, quizzes, group competitions, and remediation loops that are proven to increase knowledge and retention.

James Hatch

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Short Learning “Bursts” that Save Time

Time off the floor means lost production. And long training sessions are often long forgotten. Alchemy's short courses are more effective and increase retention rates. Make the most of your training time with highly focused 15-minute courses — and refresher courses that are half the time.

Tony Salazar

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Real-life Content that Resonates

Alchemy's team of adult learning experts, videographers, and professional designers work closely with industry leaders to develop relevant, engaging courseware. Replace outdated videos, DVDs, and boring PowerPoints with up-to-date content set in environments where your employees work.


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Curriculum for Your
Business Needs

Alchemy's courseware covers the topics your frontline workers need to succeed at their jobs. A sample of course topics is listed below.

Course Libraries for Your Specific Industry

Effective training isn't one size fits all. Courses with industry-specific imagery and content make a greater impact. Alchemy works with top food organizations to develop courses your workers can relate to. Each industry-specific library contains hundreds of courses with highly relevant content.

Bakery & Snacks



Dry Goods




& Frozen Food


Tailor Alchemy Courses to Your Team’s Needs

Alchemy Learning Tools

Flexibility to Function Anywhere

The Alchemy platform is designed to function anywhere: on the floor, in the field, or in the training room. And multiple delivery methods provide flexibility. Alchemy's group-based training creates maximum efficiency, while our eLearning and kiosk options enable more focused individual training.


Easily Customized — and Re-customized

Alchemy's courses work out of the box for most operating environments. They can also be edited to reflect your operations, including SOPs and specific equipment. Or easily create your own high-quality courses with Alchemy Creator.


Available in Multiple Languages

Alchemy courses come in English, Spanish, and French with the ability to choose which language is heard, and which is displayed in subtitles. And use Alchemy Creator to insert audio and subtitles for additional languages spoken in your facilities.


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