Learning Unplugged

We present live product training sessions each month to help you utilize your Intertek Alchemy platform to its fullest potential. Every session will include opportunity for Q&A, and recordings of past sessions are available via Alchemy Help in your Manager site. Join us soon!

“I really appreciate these sessions. They are much more informative than just the videos provided on Alchemy. Also being able to ask your questions in real time and get answer is very helpful.”
— Jerry McKenzie, Archer Daniel Midland Company

All previous episodes of Learning Unplugged are available in the Alchemy Help section of your Manager site. The list below shows some of the recent topics you'll find there.

  • Alchemy Report Options: Scenarios and Use Cases (June 2024)
  • Instructional Design Principles for Creator Developers (May 2024)
  • Building Observations Step by Step (April 2024)
  • Beyond the Basics: Alchemy Manager (March 2024)
  • Beyond the Basics: Alchemy Creator (February 2024)
  • Beyond the Basics: Relative Date Learning Plans (January 2024)