Lockout Tagout Training for Manufacturing Workers

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LOTO training is a vital component of your workplace safety training program. Workplace accidents caused by hazardous energy release during machinery maintenance or servicing can be devastating. Get your LOTO training needs covered with Intertek Alchemy’s comprehensive safety training library that includes a Lockout/Tagout Procedures course, as well as a Lockout Tagout Procedures Refresher course.

With the help of interactive videos and knowledge checks, your employees will gain valuable hands-on experience in implementing lockout/tagout procedures effectively.

Intertek Alchemy’s LOTO training course will dive into:
Understanding hazardous energy sources and their potential risks.
Developing and implementing effective LOTO procedures.
Identifying appropriate lockout devices and tagout labels for different equipment.
Proper use of lockout equipment and tagout systems.
Periodic inspection and maintenance of lockout devices.
Alchemy training is the perfect fit. It’s geared toward manufacturing and the content speaks to the real things our employees encounter every day.
— Brian Williams, Operations Manager, Hill’s Pet Nutrition

A Complete Safety Training Solution

The Lockout/Tagout Procedures course is just one of dozens of workplace safety training courses that come with the Alchemy Training System. Most importantly, every Alchemy course is easily customizable Add a site-specific photo or detail to the Alchemy course in just minutes, making it possible to easily meet OSHA requirement for site-specific training.

Here are a few more reasons our clients love the Alchemy Training System:
Proven adult learning techniques increase comprehension, including strategic micro learning bursts, interactive storytelling, and remediation loops
Quizzes throughout the course ensure engagement and document understanding for audit records
Flexible delivery methods, including group training and individual eLearning
Courses come in English, Spanish, Canadian French, and can be instantly translated to 80+ more languages

Your workforce will feel more empowered, confident, and capable of doing their jobs with the use of the Alchemy Training System!