5 Training Best Practices, and How to Apply Them

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There are some fundamentals that must be at the core of every training program to ensure your goals are met. But how to apply them across your organization’s unique challenges and culture is the tricky part.

Join this complimentary webinar to hear from experts in the field as they outline key — but not always obvious — bedrocks of training. We’ll explore how to apply these principles in various organizations, large and small. The conversation will cover:

  • Methods to improve orientation
  • How to make training about “them”
  • Must-haves to measure and improve training effectiveness


Cheryl Stewart
Training and Development Coordinator, Conestoga Meats

Cheryl Stewart started with Conestoga Meats 8 years ago as a temp at reception. In the 8 years she has been involved in many aspects of the company, but now spends most of her time focused on training and development for both hourly and salaried staff, including legislative training, refresher training and onboarding of new employees. In her spare time, she can be found chasing after her two very active and adventurous sons.

Gene Barnard
Director of Quality, The Gluten Free Bar

Gene Barnard is the Director of Quality at The Gluten Free Bar. With 25 years of experience in Quality and Safety in multiple industries, he has survived well over 200 Regulatory, Food Safety, Workplace Safety and Customer audits. Gene helped develop and launch comprehensive training programs that provide all employees with the knowledge and support they need to be safe, effective and engaged. He is currently a member of Alchemy’s Content Expertise Board and has used Alchemy with two different employers

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