Building a Strategic Training Budget: How to Get the Dollars You Need to Succeed

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For many companies, Q4 is budget season! And at many companies, training leaders have to fight for every penny. In fact, a 2022 survey of thousands of manufacturers found only 19% were increasing their training budget – even though 80% of the same companies believe productivity would increase with better training!
Join this complimentary webinar as our training strategy wizards guide you step-by-step how to overcome this quandary and carve out more space for training in your company’s upcoming budget. Topics covered will include:
• What elements to incorporate in your budget planning
• Developing budget figures based on previous years data, training gaps, and projected increases/decreases in activity
• How to make the business case for the dollars being requested
• How to itemize and explain use cases to decision-makers unfamiliar with nuances of L&D
• Methods to measure ROI
• Real-world scenarios from those who’ve been in your shoes – and succeeded!

Anyone looking to fortify their training program can benefit from this 45-minute session with opportunity for Q&A.

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Kristin Kastrup
Kristin Kastrup
Sr. Consultant Training & HR Optimization, Intertek Alchemy
Eric Teague
Senior Consultant, Training Strategy, Intertek Alchemy

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