Course Creation 201: How to Create Effective & Efficient Training Content

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Course Creation 201: How to Create Effective & Efficient Training Content

You’ve created the content for your employee training course, but now it’s time to create the course itself. Where to do you start: Photos? Videos? Narration? Presentation design?

Register for Intertek Alchemy’s complimentary webinar, where our creative experts will help you understand how to create engaging and impactful content. Because after all, a great course requires much more than just looking good.  You will learn how to reinforce the lessons learned in the course you are creating. These tips will help engage your employees from the classroom to the production floor.

  • Review content creation best practices
  • Learn tips for clear audio recording
  • Discover presentation graphic design best practices
  • Explore photography best practices, equipment, and software
  • Understand best practices and software for incorporating videos

A well designed and executed course doesn’t just look good, it helps keep your employees safe!


Shaun Venish
Lead Art Director, Intertek Alchemy

Shaun is the Lead Art Director for Intertek Alchemy. He has 30 years of experience in the graphic design field, with a background in publishing, mass communications, and educational design. Shaun has experience leading graphic art teams to create award-winning designs, in a variety of fields from university and high school education to training courses for people in the manufacturing work force.

Dale Beckett
Senior Art Director, Intertek Alchemy

Dale has been producing courseware for over 20 years, much of that at Alchemy. In that time, he has served as a graphic designer, photographer, video shooter, and art director. He has trained others in these roles and his video work has received multiple MarCom awards. He enjoys getting out in the field, meeting our customers, and shooting in a variety of (often difficult) conditions.

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