Cross-training Tips and Techniques to Attract, Develop, and Retain Valuable Workers

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The great resignation. Employee burnout. Boomer retirements. And the pandemic. All of these factors have created an unprecedented labor shortage that is forcing manufacturers to re-examine how they attract, retain, and make the most of a precious supply of talent and resources.

You might be trying to combat these shortages with signing bonuses, higher pay, and better benefits. But even then, many employees can still migrate to the next manufacturer up the road with a better offer in hand. Many employers report that workers are gaming this incentive by sticking around just long enough to receive full signing bonuses and quitting the next day to get a another one elsewhere. Clearly you need a new way to distinguish your company when competing for new talent.

Cross-training can help by creating an unmatched work environment that offers a career path, community, safety, and a sense of value and structure. Instead of competing on compensation alone, cross-training can help you create a work environment that enables you and your employees to grow together over the long haul.

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Audra Shelton
Training Administrator and Developer, Ajinomoto Foods North America

Audra Shelton started her career at Ajinomoto as a General Utility production employee. Her skill, aptitude, and organization led to her advancing to new positions on the floor. He passion for helping others was evident, and she was elevated to Training Administrator for the newly built Joplin, MO, plant. Her past experience on the floor gives Shelton a unique perspective: “I love my job because I can give the team members the training and opportunities I wish I would have had when I started in manufacturing.” Outside of work, one of Shelton’s biggest passions is barrel racing.

Laura Dunn Nelson
VP Food Safety & Global Alliances, Intertek Alchemy

Laura Dunn Nelson is Alchemy’s Vice President of Food Safety and Global Alliances. She brings over 30 years of experience implementing food safety and quality control programs for processing, packaging, food service, and retail operations. She has worked with global retailers and manufacturers in the implementation of their food and workplace safety programs. Laura is a graduate of University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology.

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