Employee Turnover: What to Do When You Lose Your Star Employees

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Employees are vital to your business. Especially those with the most tenure, as they hold institutional knowledge and typically carry larger workloads. But what happens when you lose those employees to injuries, attrition, or retirement? Their tribal knowledge is lost, and your facility is at a major loss.

Don’t lose hope! With the help of training specialist Holly Mockus and a splash of technology, you can turn all of your employees into star employees! Join our complimentary webinar where we’ll discuss:

  • How to attract Millennials and Gen Z candidates
  • Onboarding best practices for accommodating multiple generations
  • Key to a successful employee succession program


Holly Mockus
Senior Industry Analyst, Intertek Alchemy

With over 30 years of industry experience at companies like Conagra, Kellogg, and Sara Lee, Holly helps Intertek Alchemy to create world class workforce development solutions for large, complex operations within the manufacturing industry. Holly has held positions in quality assurance, sanitation, food safety, and plant regulatory affairs. She was honored to receive the Safe Quality Food Institute’s Outstanding Achievement Award, was named one of Food Logistics’ 2016 “Champions of the Supply Chain,” and has served on several working groups with groups like GFSI, and GMA. Holly is passionate about the importance of training for frontline manufacturing workers.

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