Everything You Need to Know about GFSI Training Requirements…in 30 Minutes or Less

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The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) has a variety of schemes to choose from, and even more requirements within your selected scheme to meet, before you can proudly share you are GFSI certified with your customers. Of the requirements across the schemes, you’ll find each includes a section on the importance of employee training in your food safety program.

Whether you are creating or making improvements to your food safety training program to meet or maintain GFSI Certification, this webinar is for you. We invite you to join Laura Dunn Nelson, prior member of the GFSI Food Safety Culture Technical Working Group, as she:

  • Breaks down the GFSI certification requirements for employee training, across all the top Certification Program Owners (CPOs)
  • Discusses how to meet each of the requirements represented by the top CPOs
  • Provides resources to help you build a GFSI-based food safety training program both efficiently & effectively


Laura Nelson
VP Food Safety, & Sustainability – Intertek Alchemy

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