How to Measure and Evaluate Your Training Program’s Effectiveness

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Is your training program just checking off boxes or is it actually improving employee performance? Since employee performance directly affects quality, safety, and output –it’s critical to ensure that your training initiatives yield tangible results.

In this webinar with a Q&A session, we will guide you through the key steps and tactics for evaluating the impact of your training efforts. This webinar is designed specifically for anyone looking to maximize the impact of their training program, measure it accurately, and communicate that it’s working to all key stakeholders.

Our experts will be covering:

  • KPIs for tracking training effectiveness
  • Designing effective performance evaluation methods
  • Data collection, analysis, and communication techniques
  • Identifying training program strengths and areas of improvement
  • Ensuring training needs are factored into operating budget
  • How to achieve your desired outcomes and maximize ROI


Brian Williams
Sr. Manager, Plant Operations, Hill's Pet Nutrition
Eric Teague
Senior Consultant, Training Strategy, Intertek Alchemy

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