Labeling 101 for Your Frontline Workforce

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It would be a news flash if mislabeling wasn’t the number one reason for food recalls in a year. Because, year in year out, labeling – often, but not always, due to undeclared allergens – is responsible for the most recalls. And it’s not just recalls. Quality holds and wasted product are other undesired outcomes from mislabeling. So what can a food manufacturer do to reduce these wasteful, and potentially dangerous, mistakes?

Start by connecting labels to food safety. And as with all things food safety, it becomes everyone’s responsibility. Mislabeled product can be the result of a mistake at the printer, on the line, even a missed opportunity to detect intentional adulteration during receiving.

Watch this helpful webinar as we discuss:

  • How to engage your frontline workers to be your best line of defense against labeling mistakes
  • Proven adult learning techniques to ensure workers can proactively mitigate risk
  • Quality concerns surrounding identity preserved foods
  • Key course topics, including helpful course outlines
  • Mobile technologies for on-the-job validation

This brief webinar-on-demand could help prevent a recall.


Holly Mockus
Director, Content & Industry Strategy, Intertek Alchemy

With over 30 years of industry experience at companies like Conagra, Kellogg, and Sara Lee, Holly helps Intertek Alchemy to create world class workforce development solutions for large, complex operations within the manufacturing industry. Holly has held positions in quality assurance, sanitation, food safety, and plant regulatory affairs. She was honored to receive the Safe Quality Food Institute’s Outstanding Achievement Award, was named one of Food Logistics’ 2016 “Champions of the Supply Chain,” and has served on several working groups with groups like GFSI, and GMA. Holly is passionate about the importance of training for frontline manufacturing workers.

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