No Room for Error: Reviewing Common Areas for Improvement in Environmental Monitoring

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The discovery of five new Listeria species this summer was yet another reminder that there is no such thing as letting down your guard against pathogens. Yet, with all the demands in production, it’s easy to rely on a static EMP program that may contain inherent gaps in your program effectiveness. With the increase in recalls, it’s critical for food manufacturers to re-assess and analyze their environmental monitoring program effectiveness (EMP).

Join this complimentary webinar as three of the world’s leading food safety experts review:

  • EMP team competency
  • Regulatory program expectations
  • Proficiency testing and proofing your program
  • Corrective action and Preventive protocols
  • Rewarding a culture of prevention
  • Common areas of improvement in EMPs
  • Ways to engage frontline workers to be active in your EMP efforts

Food safety is everyone’s responsibility. This webinar will help you ensure your entire workforce is part of your ever-vigilant defense against pathogens.


Dr. John Butts
Founder and Principal, Food Safety By Design

Dr. Butts is actively involved in pathogen reduction and control of pathogenic organisms in cooked processed meat products, seafood, leafy greens and other RTE products. – From 1998-2000 he worked to develop practices and procedures to minimize and control construction risk at an LOF plant undergoing multiple major high-risk construction projects within the RTE area. – A focus has been on development of investigative tools enabling plants to identify and control growth niches. – The use of hurdle technology to minimize transfer to and within high risk areas. Current work includes the application of scientific principles and quality management technology to develop Sanitation Process Control Methods and Procedures. This includes identification and control of critical factors coupled with the deployment of a real-time monitoring and visual training program delivered by a ruggedized tablet computer during the sanitation process.

Jeff Chilton
VP of Consulting, Intertek Alchemy

Jeff Chilton has over 30 years of experience in the food industry, specializing in food safety, quality assurance, and plant management. Jeff has 23 years as a consultant, helping clients achieve and sustain GFSI certification under the SQF, BRC, and FSSC 22000 standards and providing USDA and FDA Regulatory Compliance services for HACCP and Food Safety Plan. Jeff is a certified SQF Auditor, SQF Consultant, Preventive Control for Human Food Lead Instructor, and International HACCP Alliance Lead Instructor.

Laura Dunn Nelson
VP of Food Safety and Global Alliances, Intertek Alchemy

Laura Dunn Nelson brings over 30 years of experience implementing food safety and quality control programs for processing, packaging, food service, and retail operations. Laura has worked with global retailers and manufacturers in the implementation of their food and workplace safety programs. She has also assisted food companies in the successful implementation of good manufacturing practices (GMP), quality assurance, and HACCP programs.

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