The Truth about Quiet Quitting and How to Prevent It

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“Quiet quitters” make up more than 50% of the U.S. workforce (Gallup). At the surface, “quiet quitting” means doing the bare minimum of one’s job to not get fired – and nothing more. Obviously bad for productivity, the negative outcomes are even deeper.

In manufacturing, motivated employees are essential to prevent injuries, product defects, and food recalls. Disengaged employees have a devastating impact on your workplace culture and safety. So, it is mission critical to identify the quite quitters in your workforce, understand their point of view, and turn the ship around for them before it spreads. This complimentary webinar will tackle:

● The root causes of “quiet quitting” and its ripple effects on your organization
● How to balance empathy and discipline, and why that’s important
● Methods to reinvigorate and motivate your employees
● Workforce development initiatives proven to increase engagement and reduce turnover
● Tips for making your team feel seen and valued

This webinar will include Q&A with our workforce experts to help you get a handle on the quiet quitting phenomenon in your facility. We’d love for you to join us!


Laurel Harrington
HR Director – Manufacturing, Lactalis US Yogurt

Laurel has always had a passion for helping employees feel empowered and confident. After a spending over 16 years with the Lowe’s corporation, wearing many hats, including as a Human Resource Coordinator and Area Operations Manager, she was recognized with the Pioneering Sprit Award, which recognizes employees who push the boundaries of what is possible and are constantly overcoming unique challenges. Joining Lactalis in 2022 she was quickly promoted to the Human Resources Director – Manufacturing and is using her numerous skills to retain/grow her workforce. She Graduated with a degree in Business Administration -Human Resource Management from the Colorado Technical University

Kristin Kastrup
Kristin Kastrup
Senior Consultant Training Strategy, Intertek Alchemy

Kristin is a Certified Change Management Practitioner and Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach. She’s a sought-after consultant for a wide range of organizational challenges, including food safety culture development, process mapping, facilitation, in addition to the development of organization, leadership, training programs. Prior to Alchemy, Kristin held management roles at Conagra for 12 years where she worked to implement organizational change to better the food safety culture in both manufacturing facilities and corporate headquarters.

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