What is your Outdated Training Program Costing you?

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While the importance of employee training is not lost on most, it often gets a bad reputation for being time-consuming and costly. But have you taken the time to think about the costs associated with an ineffective training program? When it comes down to it, your training program is an investment in building your culture and promoting a safe working environment.

Pulling from her vast experience helping companies optimize their training programs, Kristin Kastrup is leading this complimentary webinar to share with you:

  • Costly red flags found in employee training programs
  • How to make your training program efficient, yet effective
  • How to communicate the benefits of training


Kristin Kastrup
Senior Consultant - HR and Training Optimization

Kristin is a Certified Change Management Practitioner and Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. She’s a sought-after consultant for a wide range of organizational challenges, including food safety culture development, process mapping, organization and leadership development, and training development and facilitation. Prior to Alchemy, Kristin held management roles at Conagra for 12 years where she worked to implement organizational change to better the food safety culture in both manufacturing facilities and corporate headquarters.

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