What Really Happens in an OSHA Inspection? How to Prepare and Pitfalls to Avoid

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Have you ever wondered what would actually happen during an OSHA inspection? Or perhaps you have an upcoming inspection and aren’t sure how to prepare. Either way…this webinar is for you!

Our OSHA expert will also cover the best scenario of all: how to avoid a visit from OSHA entirely by maintaining a robust OHS program and working with your employees to sustain a safe workplace.

Join this complimentary webinar as we:

  • Break down the 3 components of an OSHA inspection
  • Outline 5 pitfalls to avoid
  • Provide tips on how to effectively communicate with an OSHA inspector
  • Deliver best practices to maintaining a safe work environment

We’ll save time at the end for Q&A, too. We hope you’ll join us!

Campaign OSHA Inspection Webinar


Rick Gehrke
Senior EHS Consultant, Intertek Alchemy

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