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Defining EHS Excellence: Best Practices from NSC’s Campbell Award Winners

John Dony, Dir., Campbell Institute - National Safety Council

Marcus Sparks, Account Manager, Alchemy

Environmental, health, and safety (EHS) excellence requires continuous improvement, due to its significant impact on business operations.

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Maximize the Impact of Your Training with Alchemy’s Communication Program

Deborah Walden Ralls, VP Risk Management, Green Valley Pecan

Holly Mockus, Senior Product Manager

Did you know 80% of training is forgotten within 30 days, unless it is properly reinforced? So how do you compliment your safety training with a continuous learning environment that doesn’t hinder production goals?

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State Allocates $110 million to Award Companies that Invest in Training California Employees

Bryant Colman, Partner, Economic Incentives Advisory Group

Graham Mendes, Senior Sales Director, Alchemy Systems

If you’re a food manufacturer or processor in the state of California, did you know you are eligible to receive up to $750,000 in funding for your employee training program?

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Avoid Crisis Nightmares - Identify Gaps & Strengthen Your Response Plan

Jenny Gregorcyk, Managing Partner, Apron

Cheriene Griffith, Operations Manager, CHEVOO

The ODM Group found that 79% of leaders believe they are only one year away from a potential crisis. Yet, 46% of companies do not have a crisis management plan in place. A robust crisis response plan saves people, profits, and brands.

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Balancing Compliance, Risk & Performance

Jeff Chilton, Vice President of Consulting, Alchemy

Food Safety and Quality systems have a major impact on your business. Expectations are high to assure regulatory compliance, reduce risks for protection and optimize performance.

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Alchemy’s Coach App: Enhance Your Continuous Learning Environment for Compliance

Janelle Paige, Training Manager at Greencore

Jason Moore, Product Manager and Solutions Architect at Alchemy

Studies show that a combination of effective training, corrective observations, and coaching improves employee compliance by up to 38 percentage points.

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HACCP Today:
Critical Controls Concepts 

Jeff Chilton, Vice President of Consulting, Alchemy

Understanding HACCP is one thing. Developing and implementing a sustainable HACCP Plan is another. This webinar will share industry best practices with practical advice gleaned from real-world application of HACCP Plan development.

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How Do You Rank? Benchmarking your Food Safety Training Program

Laura Nelson, VP of Food Safety and Global Alliances, Alchemy

Raj Shah, Chief Strategy Officer – Alchemy Systems

Reports show 55% of food safety professionals believe their company is a leader in food safety. Yet, 67% still have employees not consistently following the food safety plan on the floor. We'll explore why in this webinar.

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Clean Labels: Overcoming the Top Production Hurdles

Aaron Clanton, Director BFTS Innovation, AIB International, Inc.

Holly Mockus, Senior Product Manager, Alchemy

When 75% of consumers agree it's important for food labels to contain recognizable ingredients, and 91% believe ingredients they recognize are healthier, making the switch to clean labels is one way companies can stay competitive.

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Emergency Action Plans: Preparation is Your Best Defense

Mark Lies II, Seyfarth Shaw LLC

Terra Brimberry, Account Manager, Alchemy

Did you know companies with more than ten employees must have a written Emergency Action Plan? Don't have one yet? You're not alone. Thirty percent of organizations don't have a formal plan in place. Here's how to get ahead of the curve.

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Enterprise-wide Assessments to Mitigate Food Safety Risks

Bryan Armentrout, Owner, The Food Leadership Group

Jeff Chilton, VP of Professional Services, Alchemy

Food safety is risky business. Just one recall can average $30 million dollars! Ensuring you have the right practices in place is essential to preventing long and short-term damage. Reduce risk with an enterprise risk assessment plan.

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Biosecurity for the Poultry Industry: Protect Your Flock

Nick Wolfenden, Office of Animal Well-Being at Tyson Foods

Marcus Sparks, Account Manager at Alchemy

Studies consistently show 90% of diseases spread between poultry farms are due to contaminated people, poultry equipment, and farm vehicles. Learn how to implement a robust biosecurity plan to limit the introduction of diseases.

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Warehouse Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

Laura McMillan, VP of Training Development at ITI

Holly Mockus, Senior Product Manager at Alchemy

Did you know close to 100,000 workers are injured each year due to improper training or carelessness? When warehouses operate at peak capacity, risk for injury increases exponentially. Devise a plan to get through the busy holiday season.

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Effective Metrics to Advance Your Food Safety Training

Laura Nelson, VP of Food Safety and Global Alliances, Alchemy

Dr. Irene Boland, Chief Learning Officer, Learning Development Inst.

The food industry has made great strides to improve training, but several training programs lack structure. When most foodborne illnesses can be traced to poor processes or training, measuring effectiveness is critical to success.

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Training Funds for California Food Manufacturers: Earn the Funding Your Tax Dollars Already Pay For!

Bryant W. Colman, Managing Principle for Economic Incentives Advisor

Jessica Nahabedian, Manager, Manufacturing Training for Amy’s Kitchen

David Smith, Senior Account Executive, Alchemy

If you’re a food manufacturer or processor in California, did you know you could receive up to $750,000 in funding for your employee training program?

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How to Produce an ROI with Your Safety Culture: Bonduelle’s Secrets to Success

Marcus Sparks, Account Manager at Alchemy

Jodi Haggith, HR and Training Supervisor at Bonduelle

Companies with strong employee engagement have 41% less absenteeism and 70% fewer safety incidents, according to Gallup. See how Bonduelle created a continuous learning environment to engage workers and reduce lost-time incidents to zero.

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Examining the New SQF Quality Code: How to Comply by the January Deadline

Jeff Chilton, Vice President of Professional Services, Alchemy

Frank Schreurs, Regional Representative, SQFI

The Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) has changed its approach to food quality certification. Discover how to implement SQF changes, including implementing a comprehensive Food Quality Plan to reduce complaints and improve consistency.

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FDA’s Preventive Controls Rule: Common Misconceptions Revealed

John Johnson III, Attorney, FDAImports.com

Holly Mockus, Senior Product Manager, Alchemy Systems

Many companies still don't know how to comply with the FDA’s Preventive Controls Rule (PCR) . Do you know how it impacts your company? Learn the recent enforcement changes and get prepared, in the event an auditor stops by for a visit.

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FSVP: A Panel Discussion on Tips for Implementation

Laura Nelson, VP Food Safety & Global Alliances, Alchemy Systems

Hilary Thesmar, Senior VP, Food Safety, Food Marketing Institute

The Food Safety Modernization Act’s Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) regulates food importers for the first time. Learn how the new requirements may affect your company and how to comply under the FDA's new regulation.

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Top Tips to Mitigate Food Fraud

Jeff Chilton, VP Professional Services, Alchemy

Peter Claise, Marketing Director, Foods Programs, USP

Discover top tips to mitigate food fraud for regulatory and GFSI requirements. Sit in on a discussion of FSMA Preventive Control for Human Food hazard analysis requirements, GFSI requirements, and food fraud mitigation strategies.

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PMO, FSMA, and Inspections — Oh My! Preparing Your Frontline for Success

Holly Mockus, Senior Product Manager, Alchemy

Now that the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance and Food Safety Modernization Act have aligned, dairy producers must comply with the new regulations by Fall 2018. Learn how to get ahead by ensuring your programs comply with the new standards.

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FSMA’s Sanitary Transportation Rule is Here: How to Stay on the Right Track

Samantha Cooper, Sr. Mgr Food Safety & Quality, GMA

Laura Dunn Nelson, VP Food Safety & Global Alliances, Alchemy

As part of its mission to keep a diligent watch on food safety and quality and make relevant and timely updates to its program, the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) recently updated the SQF Code Edition 7.2 to Edition 8.

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SQF Edition 8: The Changes You Need to Know About

Kristie Grzywinski, Senior Technical Manager, SQFI

Jeff Chilton, VP of Professional Services, Alchemy

In keeping with its mission to maintain food safety and quality, the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) recently updated the SQF Code to Edition 8. Join Alchemy and SQFI to find out what this change means for your company going forward.

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How to Sustain a Safety Culture with Multi-Channel Training

Xavier Aguilera, Dir. of Corp. Env. Health - Bumblebee

Raj Shah, Chief Mktg & Strategy Officer, Alchemy

Did you know 80% of training is forgotten within 30 days without proper reinforcement? Marketers know it takes seven touches to make an impact. Learn how using multimedia like posters and video can build a safety culture in your company.

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Ditch Boring Training: New Ways to Better Train and Engage Your Workforce

Jennifer Therrien, Mgr. of Talent Development, Ocean Spray

Kristin Kastrup, Manager of Enterprise Learning, Alchemy

Long manuals, boring videos, and wordy PowerPoints are passive — and passe. Today's workers learn best when they're engaged. Learn how to develop engaging, memorable training materials that use multimedia to make a bigger impact.

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Build an Effective Serious Injury Prevention Strategy

Jodi Haggith, HR & Training Supervisor, Bonduelle

Dave Brubaker, Global Safety Mgr, Dawn Food Products

Five out of every 100 employees in food manufacturing report an injury (BLS) each year. An astounding 60% of those injuries occur the first 90 days on the job. Implementing an injury prevention plan keeps safety top of mind on the floor.

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Waste Not, Want Not: Strategies to Reduce Waste for Increased Profitability

Andrew Harig, Sr. Dir. of Sustainability, FMI

Jeff Chilton, VP of Professional Services, Alchemy

Forty percent of the food grown, processed, and transported in North America is never consumed, according to a Food Waste Reduction Alliance study. Discover how to implement initiatives that will cut waste and increase profitability.

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Navigating FSMA’s Foreign Supplier Verification Rule

John Johnson III, Esq., Senior Associate Attorney, FDA Imports,

Holly Mockus, Senior Product Manager, Alchemy

Food companies now face potential liability for the inspection and re-inspection of both foreign and domestic facilities. Learn how to comply with FSMA’s final rules that now includes a major focus on foreign supplier verification.

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Recordkeeping & Documentation: Best Practices for Compliance

Holly Mockus, Senior Product Manager, Alchemy

Andrew Clarke, Food Industry Expert

Do you struggle to stay on top of recordkeeping and documentation? You’re not alone. Learn from two food industry experts as they discuss new regulations and best practices for maintaining airtight documentation to ensure compliance.

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Exceeding BRC Expectations: Addressing the Human Element of Food Safety

John Kukoly, Director, BRC Americas

Laura Dunn Nelson, VP of Business Development, Alchemy 

Listen to BRC’s John Kukoly and Alchemy’s Laura Dunn Nelson uncover the results of the 2016 Global Food Safety Training survey. Glimpse the future of food safety and discover how BRC Issue 7 includes and emphasizes the human element.

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Exceeding SQF Expectations: Addressing the Human Element of Food Safety

LeAnn Chuboff, Senior Technical Director, SQF Institute

Laura Dunn Nelson, VP of Business Development, Alchemy

SQF’s LeAnn Chuboff and Alchemy’s Laura Dunn Nelson discuss the results of the 2016 Global Food Safety Training survey. Learn how the new SQF Edition 8 includes the human element with more emphasis on people and their behavior.

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Food Defense: How to Comply with FSMA’s New Intentional Adulteration Rule

John W. Larkin, Ph.D., Director, Food Protection and Defense Institute

Holly Mockus, Senior Product Manager, Alchemy

FSMA’s Intentional Adulteration rule requires facilities to create a written food defense plan that identifies vulnerable areas of their operation and includes strategies to mitigate risk. Learn about the rule and what it means for you.

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Food Fraud: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Karen Everstine, PhD, MPH, REHS, Scientific Liaison with the Food Program

Jorge Acosta, Director of Technical Services, Alchemy

Food fraud is a real issue that threatens the viability of your company and safety of your consumers. Learn more about food fraud and the regulatory requirements surrounding it, and discover effective strategies designed to reduce risk.

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The New Normal: How to Be Audit-Ready All the Time

Melanie Neumann, J.D., M.S., President and Global Food Safety Attorney, Neumann Risk Services, LLC

Laura Dunn Nelson, VP of Business Development, Alchemy

With food industry regulations and liability exposure at an all-time high, being audit-ready can seem like a lofty goal. How can you achieve a “new normal” of being audit-ready — all the time? Learn how your plants can prove compliance.

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How to Avoid OSHA’s Top 10 Violations

Michael Aust, President, 1030 Communications

Natasha Taylor, Account Manager, Alchemy

Due to OSHA’s severe inflation of penalties in 2016, companies are seeing fines increase up to 82%. Find out what OSHA’s top 10 violations were in 2015 and how to prevent them from occurring in your organization.

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How to Successfully Attract, Retain, and Develop Your Multi-generational Workforce

C. Spencer Reynolds, VP HR & Training, Genysis Brand Solutions

Wes Burke, Director of Human Resources, Alchemy

Today’s workforce spans four generations, which can present a management challenge. Discover the value of attracting, retaining, and developing your workforce. Learn best practices to engage employees and retain top talent.

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FSMA’s New Sanitary Transportation Rule: How to Prepare

Laura McMillan, VP Training Dev., Instructional Technologies, Inc.

Holly Mockus, Product Manager, Alchemy

On April 6, 2016, the FDA released the final Sanitary Transport Rule affecting food transportation. View our webinar to find out how the new STR may impact your company, and discover effective strategies for staying compliant.

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OSHA Takes Aim at Poultry Processors: How to get out of the Line of Fire

Edwin G. Foulke, Jr., Attorney and Partner, Fisher & Phillips LLP

Marcus Sparks, Account Manager, Alchemy

Four major OSHA regulatory changes will significantly impact poultry processors. Find out what these new requirements mean for your organization and learn how implementing key changes can keep you safe and in compliance.

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24/7 Communications: When Training Alone Isn’t Enough

Marcus Slaughter, Safety Coordinator, Dawn Food Products, Inc.

Holly Mockus, Product Manager, Alchemy

Ensuring workers remember important safety and training concepts is a major challenge for most manufacturing companies. Discover how a consistent, multi-touch communications program can improve ROI and optimize your frontline workforce.