Food Allergen Training: Steps You Can Take to Prevent Recalls
Holly Mockus, Director, Content and Industry Strategy Intertek Alchemy
Dante Dominick, Sr Industry Analyst, Intertek Alchemy
Cross-contamination and mislabeling cause allergens to be the most frequent reason for food recalls. Starting January 1st, sesame is officially (and legally!) a new allergen requiring clear labeling, likely causing a spike in recalls. We’ll review proven training content and techniques to help keep your company off that list.
Building a Strategic Training Budget: How to Get the Dollars You Need to Succeed
Kristin Kastrup, Sr. Consultant Training & HR Optimization, Intertek Alchemy
Eric Teague, Quality Systems Supervisor, Tyson Foods
For many companies, Q4 is budget season! And at many companies, training leaders have to fight for every penny. In fact, a 2022 survey of thousands of manufacturers found only 19% were increasing their training budget – even though 80% of the same companies believe productivity would increase with better training!
On-the-Job Training Optimization: Stop the SOP Madness with Playbook
Amy Valek, Director of Learning & Development, JB
Kristin Kastrup, Sr. Consultant Training & HR Optimization, Intertek Alchemy
Creating SOPs is almost as painful as learning from SOPs. Join this complimentary webinar to learn how to take pages of boring SOP’s and turn them into a few minutes of engaging videos, including adding step-by-step instructions, ensuring comprehension with questions, and accessing qualified workers to keep your production, in production using Alchemy Playbook™
The Learning Ecosystem – What Role Technology Plays (and Doesn’t Play)
Elizabeth Chou, Learning & Development Manager, Aspire Bakeries
A safe and skilled workforce doesn’t just happen. It is the outcome of a planned ecosystem of learning and development experiences. Your training courses and LMS are central components, but they are not everything. In this webinar, we will explore how to define and develop the individual components of your learning ecosystem.
BRCGS Issue 9: Your Keys to Preparation
Jeff Chilton, VP of Consulting, Intertek Alchemy
It’s been four years since BRCGS Issue 8 went into effect. So much has changed since then. Now the final Issue 9 is being unveiled in August to address many of those changes. In this complimentary webinar, you will learn about all the new facets of BRCGS Issue 9 and how they’ll impact your food safety programs and audits.
The Global Food Safety Training Study: Insights & Analysis for Optimizing Your Program
Bertrand Emond, Professional Development and Culture Excellence Lead, Campden BRI
Laura Dunn Nelson, VP Food Safety & Global Alliances, Intertek Alchemy
The 2022 Global Food Safety Training report — the most comprehensive research on food safety training — is here! Watch this webinar for data that uncovers insights on how to invest for maximum ROI, plus a special section on lasting impacts from the COVID pandemic.
Course Creation 201: How to Create Effective & Efficient Training Content
Shaun Venish, Lead Art Director, Intertek Alchemy
Dale Beckett, Senior Art Director, Intertek Alchemy
A great training course requires much more than just looking good. But where to do you start - Photos? Videos? Narration? Presentation design? In this complimentary webinar, you will learn how to reinforce your frontline's training with your own custom content.
The Art of Lean: Recognizing Waste & What to Do About It
Petra Sterwerf, Director of Operations, Skyline Chili
Holly Mockus, Dir., Content & Industry Strategy, Intertek Alchemy
Lean manufacturing is synonymous with efficiency, but this often leads many to believe lean is all about reduction — in workforce, inventory, waste, etc. Please join us for this webinar explaining the basic concepts and benefits of lean manufacturing programs.
Powering EHS Performance with ISO 14001 and ISO 45001
Rick Gehrke, Senior EHS Consultant, Intertek Alchemy
Participants will discover the organizing power and learn how ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 work as force multipliers to harness the diverse knowledge and skills of your employees. You’ll see how involving the entire workforce, inspires enthusiasm, and helps create future EHS leaders.
Course Creation 101: How to Create Effective & Efficient Training Courses
Suzanne Pittman, Instructional Design Manager, Intertek Alchemy
William Schexnayder, Curriculum Manager, Intertek Alchemy
Overwhelmed? Front line employees bored? Training course creation doesn’t have to be stressful. Register now for this complimentary webinar, where our experts will help you understand how to organize your course creation process and impress your employees.